Friday, November 15, 2013

Zombie Games Five (End Zone)

Now available at a special discount of only $.99 - Zombie Games Five! End Zone -  The final installment.

For Kindle - Get it here!

For Nook - Get it here!

All other readers you can get here at until it hits Itunes, Kobo, Sony, etc...


  1. Thank you for Zombie Games. I realy liked End Zone, my only complaint is that Cassie had a baby boy. She should of had a girl, so Bryce would have been wrong :)
    You took the zombie theme to a whole new and diffrent place, very creative of you. I hope you revisit these characters in the future. Job well done Kristen!

  2. Sorry that you weren't thrilled about the baby I'm glad that you enjoyed the story and thanks for the kind words!!!